China buys Google (Google)

"China buys Google" was de kop van een artikel dat The Register op 1 april 2006 publiceerde. Dit was dus geen 1 april grap van Google zelf, maar een over Google.

Quotes uit het artikel van The Register:

china buys googleThe People's Republic of China has acquired a controlling stake in the United States' fastest growing technology company, Google.

Google announced the transfer of 140m shares of Class B stock to a new entity owned by the Chinese Ministry of Information in typically forthright style. The news was disclosed in a Captcha graphic on its Google Canteen Menu weblog; investors had to click a hidden link to see the announcement, and then decode a stenographically-hidden message watermarked into the JPG file. Once decrypted, the message read:

gee it's raining here in mountain view and my cats hungry so we thought we'd better update you on our corporate finances. we've sold out to china. have a great weekend boo-yah!! lol
No other details were forthcoming.

Het artikel was zogenaamd geschreven door "Mu Shu Porked", misschien wel refererend aan de speciale talen versie van Google Pig Latin.

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